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Photo Credits: Tommy Lau, Anthony Baxter

Films & discussions that spark green ideas and actions

Are you looking for expert support to bring your project to life? Whether you’re an exhibitor, a film festival, or other organisation in need of programming and curatorial services, or if you’re a filmmaker or funder seeking evaluation and advice, your project deserves the best support. From strategic planning through to implementation and impact analysis, I offer comprehensive services at various stages to help you along the way. Let’s collaborate to make it a success!

Environmental Film Curation: Crafting engaging film programmes with an expansive environmental focus.

Impact Campaign Production: Developing and managing film campaigns that make a real difference.


Film Festival Direction/Production: Organising and producing successful, memorable film festivals.


Cinema Advocacy: Utilising film as a powerful tool for advocacy and change.


Sustainable Film Event Planning: Creating film events that are not only captivating but also environmentally conscious.

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